Copy of Resumé (OLD)








BFA       College of Fine Art, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea

2019       Artcore union center, Los Angeles, CA

2017       443 gallery, San Pedro, CA

2010       Angels’ink, San Pedro, CA

2008       Soul Art Space, Busan, Korea

2008       SCA Project Gallery, Pomona, CA

2005       Gallery Downstairs, San Pedro, CA

2004       Insa Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2003       Don O’Melveny Gallery, West Hollywood, CA

2001       Sheraton Hotel Show Case, San Pedro, CA


2017       “DaAIE + Mihwa” The Culture Store, Seoul, Korea

2004       “Translucence” White Box Gallery, San Pedro, CA




2017       “In Pursuit of Beauty” 3331 gallery, Tokyo, Japan

     “Art Spirit” E.K. Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2016      “The Traveling Companion Gallery Western, Los Angeles, CA

     “Colors Within in Seoul” The Culture Store, Seoul, Korea0

     “International Art Exchange Show Korea-U.S.A.2016” Kang Dong Art Center,     Seoul, Korea

       “4 person show” AGCC Pop Up Gallery, San Pedro, CA

       “Solidarity” Lamperouge Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

       “Aspects” Western Kentucky university FAC Gallery, Bowling green, KY

       “The Colors Within - San Pedro” The Loft, San Pedro, CA

       “Dwelling 12 Artists” Yoonspace, Los Angeles, CA

2015       “A gathering of Angels Studio Artist from1985-2015” Angels Gate Cultural center Main gallery, San Pedro, CA

       “Interconnectivity Revealed” Marymount California University Marylin & Chuck Klaus Center for Arts, San Pedro, CA

“The Colors Within” Park Fine Art Gallery, Albuqueque, NM

“Bobbie Koh, Yun Choi, Da Aie Park, Michell Oh, Miwha Merril,Lore Eckellberry” Gallery Proxy Place, Chathworth, CA

2014       “Da Aie Park, Uija Kim, M.Merill” Gallery Proxiplace, Chathworth, CA

2013       “The medium is the Message” The Loft Gallery, San Pedro, CA

“2013 Japan - Korea Contemporary Art Exchange show” Heise Gallery, Fukuoka, Japan

2012       “International  Art Exchange Show Korea-U.S.A. 2012” Kang Dong Art Center, Seoul, Korea

“Japan-U.S. International Exchange Show in Kyusyu 2012” Public Museum, Fukuoka, Japan

“2012 Korea -Japan Contemporary Art Exchange show” Yongdusan Gallery  Busan Museum of Art, Busan, Korea

   “Unheard Voices” Park view Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

   “Apples & Oranges” Coohaus, New York, NY

“Showcasing 33Artists” Gallery Western, Los Angeles, CA

“Wonsil Kim, Da Aie Park, Omyrrha Levinson Rogers” La Artcore Gallery at Brewery Annex, Los Angeles, CA

2011     “Definition” Gallery Ls, San Pedro, CA

    “Friends 12032011” Project A -7, Santa Monica, CA

     “South Bay Focus 2011” Torrance Art Museum, CA

     “Off the Wall” Lee & Lee Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2010     “Zest for Art” Rheeway Gallerie, Los Angeles, CA

   “East Meets West” Hancock Art& Design Center, Long Beach, CA

   “100509” Sarah Lee & projects, Santa Monica, CA

    “Inter Art Griefswald 2010” Pommernhus, Greifswald, Germany

2009   “The 27th Korea Galleries Art fair” Bexco, Busan, Korea

“World Wide New Year Show, International 28” Gallery Western,

 Los Angeles, CA

“Exhibition with 17 Korean American Artists in Southern CaliforniaGallery Western, Los Angeles, CA

2008      “Connections 2008” Korean Cultural Center, Los Angeles.CA

     “Complements” Angels’ink, San Pedro, CA

     “Greens” San Pedro City Council Board Room Gallery, San Pedro, CA

2007      “Twenty” FT Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

     “Unity yet individuality” Opus Gallery, Torrance, CA

2006      “A Special Exhibition in honor of Korean Martyrs Cathedral of Our

Lady of the Angeles, Los Angeles, CA

“4 Group Exhibition” Lotus Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

“Process” Sarah Lee Artworks & projects, Santa Monica, CA

2005       “30 person show” Lotus Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

“Hope 2005 L.A.” Catholic Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea

“Sublime” SCA project Gallery, Pomona, CA

“14th Lantern of the East international Art Festival Thailand” Brapa Museum, Chonbri, Thailand

2004       Jung Dong Art Hall Inaugural Exhibition” JD Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2003       “$200” Andrewshire Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2002       “Go Figure” Gallery A, San Pedro, CA

2001       “The 22nd Peace Show” Nagasaki Museum, Nagasaki, Japan

“99.99 Show” Irvine Fine Art Center, Irvine, CA

“Two Peninsulas” Angels Gate Cultural Center, San Pedro, C

2000       “Vision 2000” Do San Hall, Los Angeles, CA

“New Day New Life Jubilee Exhibit” Gallery Hangaram, Seoul, Korea

1999       “New Millennium” Sabina Lee Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

1998       “Gate ’98” Angels Gate Cultural Center, San Pedro, CA

“Exodus” Sabina Lee Gallery, Los Angeles, CA


2003-2017            Korean Artists’ Association of Southern California

2000-2017            Seoul National university of Fine Arts in Los Angeles

1999-2004            Gathering of Angels

1997-2010            Korean Catholic Artists’ Association


2015-2017            Moon Wha Sang Whoi, Seoul, Korea